• Brow Mastery by The Brow Guru WHITTIER LOCATION

Brow Mastery by The Brow Guru WHITTIER LOCATION

Mastery of Brow Shaping

 Next course is Nov 1&2 

2 day class 10-4pm

(second day is live model day) 


-No more classes until late fall-
Whether you need a touch up on your skills, ⁣
or you’re still in beauty school, ⁣
or if you just want to learn the Prime Boudoir way , ⁣
we are now offering this double course FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER in early February at both salons Whittier and Granada hills ! ⁣


👉🏼Cosmetology schools, and Esthetician courses don’t teach you the Proper way to map, shape and form a brow. ⁣

🤞🏼They just teach you how to pass state board and sanitation, which is good -but not enough. ⁣

They also will never teach you threading, or how to fill in a brow properly . 🙃⁣

We want to teach you all of that, the Guru Way which is my tried and true way, that has kept my salons up and running and created and cultivated so many artists who have started their own businesses ! We are so proud of that !!!😌⁣


Our extensive kit will have many of my favorite items and my actual brow products ! Also comes with a step by step workbook.

We teach: ⁣
•Proper Brow Waxing⁣
•Different methods of Wax and Tips and Tricks ⁣
•Male Brows ⁣
•Teen Brows ⁣
•Different Types of Skin ⁣
•Sanitation and Disinfection for state board regulations⁣
•Best Tools and Brands ⁣
•Mapping with Thread⁣
•Mapping with Concealer ⁣
•How to Thread⁣ and work on a live model 
•Proper Form and positioning ⁣
•Briefly go over stain vs henna⁣
•How to fill in a brow with our powders or pomades (also included in our kit 😍)⁣
•Picture taking ⁣
⁣•Certificate of Training included (with credit for hours in esthetician’s or cosmetology school) 

This is the biggest class I have ever done for Brow Shaping. To fit all of this in we do want to make it a 2 day course, second day being model day. We want to make sure you are supervised and ready to work on clients right away ! ⁣

🥰 I’m so excited for this course ! Only 8 spots available! See you soon! 

  • $795.00
  • $995.00